3) Festival delle Famiglie

Festival delle Famiglie (25 Agosto 2018)

Una delle sessioni piú belle e importanti dell'Incontro Mondiale delle Famiglie è quella del Festival delle Famiglie. Questo Festival si svolgerà in un grande centro conferenze a Dublino ideale per eventi di livello mondiale la sera del 25 agosto 2018. Il Festival sarà non solo una celebrazione della vita delle famiglie nel mondo con spettacoli musicali e danzanti, ma darà anche spazio a cinque famiglie scelte dal mondo che condivideranno con la gente la testimonianza delle loro esperienze di fede incontrata nelle loro famiglie.

Apertura delle porte alle 4pm
Il Festival delle Famiglie inizia alle 6:30pmFestival of Families in Philadelphia - Credit Archdiocese of Philadelphia

La sera di Sabato 25 Agosto l’Incontro mondiale delle famiglie darà il benvenuto a Papa Francesco e a più di 70.000 persone con cui condividerà la gioia del Festival delle Famiglie nello stadio di Croke Park. Questo festival di due ore e mezza sarà una celebrazione della vita famigliare e sarà uno dei momenti salienti del WMOF2018 con musica, canzoni, danze e conferenze.

Papa Francesco terrà un discorso all’assemblea e ascolterà cinque testimonianze di famiglie provenienti dall’Irlanda, dal Canada, dall’India, dall’Iraq e dall’Africa. Queste ultime condivideranno come le loro famiglie si sono sostenute e nutrite di gioia e speranza attraverso i momenti più intensi e impegnativi della loro vita familiare. Nello specifico, le loro testimonianze riguarderanno il perdono, la forza e la speranza nella vita familiare, la natura intergenerazionale delle famiglie di oggi, e l’impatto della tecnologia sulla vita familiare. 

La scelta dei temi riflette molte delle priorità del ministero di Papa Francesco, inclusi i senzatetto e le persone ai margini della società, i migranti e i rifugiati, la cura della nostra casa comune e l’importanza della famiglia, della pace e dell’amore in tutto il mondo. La struttura del palco utilizzato durante l’evento prevede un “cerchio dell’incontro”, dove le famiglie si siederanno con Papa Francesco per guardare alcune delle presentazioni.

Il Festival delle Famiglie inoltre porterà sul palco un lungo elenco di talenti creativi, con cantanti contemporanei irlandesi e internazionali, artisti, cori, musicisti, ballerini e centinaia di volontari, che insieme creeranno un’esperienza unica.

Il programma include artisti delle comunità locali oltre a famosi artisti irlandesi e internazionali, accompagnati da un’orchestra di più di 50 musicisti. Ci saranno più di 700 ballerini irlandesi, di sean nós e contemporanei, tra cui 500 provenienti dalle scuole di danza irlandese di tutto il Paese. Ci sarà anche un coro di 1000 cantanti, 100 gruppi di comunità e 300 portatori di bandiere. Si esibiranno inoltre la troupe di Riverdance, Nathan Carter, Dana Masters, Daniel O’Donnell, Celine Byrne, The Begley Family, Holy Family Deaf Choir & Deaftones, Patrick Bergin, The Priests, Paddy Moloney, Bridgie e Missy Collins, e Moya Brennan.

Altri artisti verranno annunciati nei giorni precedenti all’evento e ci sarà qualche ospite a sorpresa la sera stessa!

Il festival avrà luogo a Croke Park, che è lo stadio più importante e la sede della più grande organizzazione sportiva e culturale irlandese, l’Associazione Atletica Gaelica (GAA). È uno degli stadi più grandi d’Europa, e si trova nel cuore della città di Dublino, a 20 minuti a piedi dalle strade principali.

Festival of Families Access and Safety Information

Download print-friendly PDF of Access and Safety Information for Festival of Families here.

Doors open: 16:00
Event starts: 18:30
Event end: 21:00

Please note: Times are subject to change. Due to increased security measures patrons are advised to be at the venue in sufficient time.
Important: No queuing allowed prior to gate opening.

No overnight or early queuing allowed before the Festival of Families doors open.
If pilgrims do turn up they will be turned away at restricted area points around the Stadium. Queuing in streets around the Stadium will cause disruption to local residents and we appeal to patrons to heed this advice and respect the community living in the vicinity of the stadium.  

For Your Safety

  • Do not bring backpacks or large handbags. There will be no cloakroom or storage facilities on site. Bags must not be left at entrances or surrounding areas. Any items left will be removed and disposed of accordingly.
  • This is a fully seated stadium with no roof and will take place rain or shine. Please check weather conditions and dress appropriately but remember no umbrellas.
  • A ticket is required for every person attending including children and babies. Show your ticket at the ticket barrier outside the ground for inspection.
  • Strict security checks will be in operation. Pilgrims are especially advised not to bring backpacks or large handbags as you may be refused entry or experience delays on entry. (Check full list of prohibited items below)
  • There is no cloakroom service available.
  • Glass or cans, umbrellas, alcohol, selfie sticks, flares will not be permitted. (Check full list of prohibited items below)
  • No professional cameras or cameras with a detachable lens, video cameras & audio recording devices, iPads or GoPros.
  • Obey the stewards and An Garda Síochána (Irish police) and instructions given over the public address for your own safety.
  • Don’t rush to exits after the concerts.
  • Parents are advised to bring ear protection for all children especially those under 5 years old. 
  • Allow additional time to get through security checks
  • There are no re-admissions to the concert.
  • World Meeting of Families and An Garda Síochána reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone under the influence of alcohol.

Searching is a condition of entry to protect your safety and that of others.   

Due to increased security measures we strongly advise you allow sufficient time to get through security checks to gain entry to the venue in a safe and timely manner. To ensure as smooth an access as possible and to avoid any unnecessary delays we strongly suggest that you bring as little as possible with you to the event and minimize jackets and additional layers when possible. To avoid disappointment do not bring backpacks or larger hand bags, you may be refused admission to the venue.

We recommend if you are bringing personal bag, purses or clutch bag, you should only bring those of smaller sizes i.e. those measuring no greater than A5, everyone will be subject to a search. We will also conduct additional further security searches of clothing, bags and other items, as determined by us in our reasonable discretion, including on entry and exit.

If you have any general queries or accessible requests that has not been addressed in the event information provided. 

If during the event you have a query or wish to provide feedback in relation to the event 

Please contact a steward promptly and request directions to the nearest Customer care /ticket information point. If you are not satisfied with the assistance or response that you have been given, it is your responsibility to request to speak to a member of World Meeting of Families 2018 staff at the event. We are dedicated to delivering a high level of customer service but it is much more difficult for World Meeting of Families 2018 to resolve an issue once the event has passed.


We encourage all to walk, bike, or use public transportation to the show, but if you must drive, please carpool. Pope Francis will arrive into Dublin at 10:30 on Saturday 25th and there will be road closures in place at various times during the day. You will need to plan your journey and give yourself extra time due to diversions or road closures. Please check www.dublincity.ie/main-menu-services-roads-and-traffic-current-roadworks-temporary-road-closures/papal-visit-saturday for details.  Allow at least an extra 2 hours travel time to & from the venue.

As traffic and parking delays are inevitable you are strongly advised to use public transport. (Bus, dart or luas) www.dublinbus.ie www.irishrail.ie www.luas.ie 

There are no parking facilities available locally. 

Coach parking for groups traveling to Croke Park Stadium is only available at Dublin Docklands. Coaches should approach by Alexandra road only, entrance to parking is on left hand side as you enter Alexandra road. Coach parking is open from 10am, passengers can get the Luas to city centre. From 2pm there will also be a free shuttle transfer to Mountjoy Square 3 minutes’ walk to the stadium. Return coach from Mountjoy square immediately after the event.

Approach Routes 

Croke park is bordered by Clonliffe road, Ballybough road and North Circular road. Check your ticket for details of your seat location and plan your approach to the venue. 

  • Hogan stand via Jones road and Russell street – Blue route
  • Cusack stand via St James avenue and Foster terrace – Red route
  • Davin stand via St Margaret’s terrace – Yellow route 
  • Pitch 1 via Josephs avenue – Green route
  • Pitch 2 & 3 - via St James avenue and Foster Terrace - Red route

Age Restrictions 

  • All Under 16’s attending the concert MUST be accompanied at all times by a parent or guardian.
  • Guardians must remain with under 16’s and take full responsibility for them throughout the event.

Strict age monitoring will be in place at all entrances. 
World Meeting of Families 2018 reserves the right to refuse admission to anyone who fails to comply.

Accessible Customers 

Those who registered their RDS Pastoral Programme wheelchair access requirement will have received a specific ticket and information about  access to LIMITED ACCESSIBLE PARKING. Please email disabilityaccess@worldmeeting2018.ie for further information.

Dowload PDF of map here.

Festival of Families Prohibited Items:
- Air horns
- Animals (other than registered guide dogs)
- Alcohol
- Any item which may reasonably be considered for use as a weapon
- Banners of any size
- Bicycles
- Cans
- Camping/Cooking Equipment
- Cooler Boxes or Large Containers
- Crash Helmets or Protective Headwear, or Protective Clothing
- Deckchairs, Garden Furniture, Blow Up Furniture, Folding Armchairs, Shooting Sticks Stools
- Drones
- Excessive Amounts of Batteries, Wires, Cables or Electrical Components
- Fireworks and Flares
- Flagpoles
- Glass Bottles
- Illegal Substances/Illegal Merchandise of Any Description
- Large Prams
- Large umbrellas
- Large Chains, Spiked Bracelets or Wallet Chains
- Large Banners, Flags, Placards or Posters Including Sticks
- Laser/Laser Pens
- Mobility Scooters
- Selfie Sticks
- Smoke Cannisters
- Sound systems
- Spray Cans


WMOF2018 Office

Holy Cross Diocesan Centre,

Clonliffe Road, Dublin 3, Ireland