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La famille qui prie ensemble : Trouver du temps pour la prière à l'âge digital.

11:30 - 12:30    Panel 1: La famille qui prie ensemble : Trouver du temps pour la prière à l'âge digital.
(Salle 3) - AN 🎧 ES, IT

Animateur : Wendy Grace, Directeur général chez Compass Communications, Irlande.

Intervenants :         
▪    Dr Marco Brusati, Dicastère pour laïcs, famille et vie
▪    Cristina Lopez Schlichting, COPE, Espagne
▪    Francis Monahan, ACCORD, Irlande
▪    Frère Richard Hendrick OFM, Cap, Centre de retraite Ards. Donegal, Irlande

‘En ce temps, où règnent l’anxiété et la vitesse technologique, une tâche très importante des familles est d’éduquer à la patience’ (Al. 275).  Cette table ronde débat sur les bienfaits d’une famille qui prie ensemble dans notre ère numérique contemporaine.


Wendy Grace, Directeur général chez Compass Communications, Irlande.

Wendy Grace est journaliste et présentatrice. Elle et titulaire d’une licence  en journalisme et communications visuelle, obtenue avec mention très bien. Elle présente une émission-débat emblématique quotidienne sur Spirit Radio. Spirit Radio est une station de radio chrétienne émettant à travers l’Irlande, atteignant  un demi-million d’auditeurs toutes les semaine. Wendy contribute régulièrement à des débats au sein de programmes diffusés sur les chaines nationales de radio et de television. Elle est l’auteur d’une rubrique mensuelle dans le journal the Irish Catholic et directrice de Compass Communications dont l’activité a pour objet principal la formation en matière de médias et de communications destinée sociétés et aux  personnes individuelles. Wendy produit et présente également la programmation de, créatrice de  la série AMORIS en 6 épisodes pour la Rencontre Mondiale des Familles 2018. Wendy est mariée à Karl et ils ont un fils de un an, Mathew.

Dr Marco Brusati, Dicastère pour laïcs, famille et vie

Dr. Marco Brusati teaches Event Planning at Florence University (Italy) in the first level Masters in Institutional Advertising, Multimedia Communication and Events Creation. He is a collaboator of the Vatican Dicastery for Laity, Family and Life and General Manager of “Hope”, an Italian Catholic association committed to the education and training of young artists and creatives. His work concentrates on the interaction between anthropological models present in media-systems and the formation of a personal and communitarian identity in future generations. Over the course of his career Dr. Brusati has planned and managed several national and international Catholic events, among which ten with the presence of the Pope, attended by more than five million people.

Cristina Lopez Schlichting, COPE, Espagne

Cristina López Schlichting is a Spanish journalist and writer. She is the mother of two sons and daughter and leads the weekend broadcasting program of Cope, "Fin de Semana," with 700,000 listeners. She has been writing for different newspapers (ABC, "El Mundo" and "La Razón") and working in radio (Cope, Ser) and television (RTVE, Telecinco, Antena 3, Telemadrid, Canal Sur, Intereconomía, TRECE) for the last 30 years. She is the author of "Politically Incorrect", "I lived in a harem" and the novel "The Modern Days" (The modern days). As a reporter, she worked in Iran, Israel, Egypt, India, Nicaragua, Albania and Morocco. She covered from Berlin the falling of the Wall or, from Belgrad and Kosovo, the Balkan war. With "Help the Church in need" she has filmed a documentary about Christians in refugee camps in Iraq. She speaks Spanish, English, German and Italian. She loves the Church, which has saved her. 

Frère Richard Hendrick OFM, Cap, Centre de retraite Ards. Donegal, Irlande

Brother Richard Hendrick O.F.M Cap is a priest-friar of the Irish province of the Capuchin Franciscans. For over 20 years he has worked to bring the insights of the Christian Contemplative tradition to greater public awareness, working particularly with the Sanctuary, a spirituality centre in Dublin’s inner city. He served as director of Youth Ministry for the Irish Capuchins for over ten years and has worked extensively at both secondary and third levels as a retreat giver and chaplain. He has also worked in hospital and prison chaplaincy roles, as well as in parish work. Brother Richard is currently Guardian of the Ards Friary and Retreat Centre in Donegal.

Francis Monahan, ACCORD, Irlande

Francis Monahan is a farmer in Co Kildare and is a voluntary facilitator with Accord (the Catholic Bishops of Ireland agency for preparation and support of married couples) giving pre-marriage courses. Francis has been married to Mary for 35 years. They have 3 children and 4 grandchildren. 


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