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Our website is updated every day. We invite you to access here the latest updates

  • International Catecheses: read about the international and multilingual catecheses made available by the Dicastery for Family, Laity and Life in preparation for WMOF2018.

  • Our Team: The WMOF2018 Team is growing! See who has joined our team here.

  • The WMOF2018 Icon: We have included explanations and reflections on the Icon in English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese! We have also included details on the journey of the Icon around Ireland. Click here. 
  • Accommodation Section: We have updated this section with additional hotels and new information to assist you when booking accommodation to come to WMOF2018. Visit the Accommodation section here
  • Host a Family/Pilgrim: we have updated this section with new information. We are looking for people within easy reach of Dublin who are willing to host pilgrims in their homes next August. Visit section here. 
  • Preparatory Events Section: this section is updated every week with new events that we attend or that are being run by others in preparation to WMOF2018. This section also includes updated information on where the WMOF2018 Icon is journeying. Click here.
  • Podcast: Every week, the WMOF2018 office brings to you a new Podcast featuring interviews and news about how preparations are going for WMOF2018. Listen to the podcasts here. 
  • Newsletters: Every month we send out a newsletter with our latest news. Access our newsletters online and subscribe here.
  • Our Blog: this page is regularly updated with articles and stories, behind the scene anecdotes and features on preparations for WMOF2018. Check out our latest blogs here.
  • Exhibit: individuals, companies and organisations that wish to apply to exhibit at our Pastoral Congress can now access new information and download application forms on our exhibtion page
  • Shop: We have produced a number of items to support the promotion, preparation and celebration of WMOF2018. We have updated this section with new resources and included sterling prices. Click here and download our latest order form. 
  • Official Hymn: we have included donwloadable material to encourage people to listen to, sing and perform our official hymn. Scroll to the end of this page to access downloadable resources
  • Promotional Resources: we have updated new posters and resources that can be easily downloaded and used to promote WMOF2018 locally. Click here.  
  • Employment Opportunities: we are a small friendly energetic team and are at various times looking to add more staff to work with us in the preparations for the events in August 2018. Check our newest employment opportunities here.   
  • Media Centre: Visit our Media Centre, where we upload our press releases as soon as they are issued. 
  • Translations: our site is live in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Irish and all our translations are done by volunteers. Check out our different language sites for the latest translations. 
  • Our Amoris.ie site! We have a dedicated site for the "Amoris: Let's Talk Family! Let's Be Family!" Programme which is updated regularly with new resources for Parishes to roll out the programme. These include videos, posters, tokens, banners and downloadable PDFs. Visit Amoris.ie.