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School resources on Pope Francis

You can download new resource material to use by both junior and senior cycles.


The Pray-A-Thon is an initiative for children as Ireland prepares to host WMOF2018 in August. It is an invitation to reach out to family members/friends and pray for them and any special intentions they might have. Similar to the aim of read-a-thons of fostering the habit of regular reading, the Pray-A-Thon can also encourage children in the practice of praying within the family home.

Easily downloadable, the prayer card can be printed by schools, parishes or parents, and given to children to fold into a booklet, bring home and fill in individually. 

 Visit our Pray-a-thon  page and join us in this initiative as a way of preparing our hearts for August 2018.

Colouring-In Pages

For younger children, we have created colouring pages of different figures in the Icon of the Holy Family and of our St Patrick's Day window stickers.Please download and print the following:

Icon figures colouring page here.

St Patrick's Day colouring page here.

The Mascot (painter)

The Mascot

Family of Saint Thérèse


Let's Talk Family! Let's Be Family! School Resources

Prepared by the Primary Diocesan Advisers, Education Secretariat, Archdiocese of Dublin

As part of the preparation to celebrate WMOF2018, families and catholic primary schools are invited to reflect, explore and celebrate the joy of love in family life.


Catholic Schools: Called to be a Family of Families

Dublin, Ireland, has been chosen by Pope Francis to host the World Meeting of Families 2018. From 21-26 August 2018, families and others from all over the world will gather in Dublin to celebrate their lives together, to share their experiences from different parts of the world, to reflect on the different challenges they face and to grow together in faith. This event presents a special opportunity for school families to not only celebrate the fact that parents are the primary educators of their children, but also the vital role that Catholic schools play in assisting parents in their duty to raise their children. 

In partnership with World Meeting of Families 2018, the Catholic Schools Week Steering Committee has developed a one-year catechetical programme for Catholic primary and post-primary schools. The theme for this programme is Catholic Schools: Called to be a Family of Families. The programme invites Catholic schools to reflect on and to celebrate the relationship that exists between home, school and parish through participation in four sub themed catechetical moments:

Moment One – Families of Hope – November 2017
Moment Two – Families of Faith – January 2018 (Catholic Schools Week 2018)
Moment Three – Families of Love – Lent 2018
Moment Four – Families of Joy – April/May 20 18

All of the resources for each of the above moments can be accessed via the following link: 


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