Promotional Resources

Promotional Resources

Thank you for your interest in helping us promote World Meeting of Families 2018!
Feel free to download, print and share these promotional resources. Alternatively you can visit our online shop here to order some of these materials. 

Promotional Resources


Posters     General poster A4
  Volunteer poster A4 landscape
  Volunteer poster A4 Portrait
  Host a Pilgrim A4 poster
  Host a Pilgrim A3 poster
  Volunteer Poster A4
  St. Patrick's Day Poster A4
  Noticeboard Poster 
General Flyers   General English Flyer
  General Irish Flyer
  Volunteer Flyer English
  Volunteer Flyer
  Amoris Invitation Flyer
  Host a Pilgrim Flyer
International Flyers

English - Spanish - German
Polish - Portuguese - French

International Posters Supporting Families Irish A3
  Supporting Families Irish A4
  Supporting Families Portugese A3
  Supporting Families Portugese A4
  Supporting Families Spanish A3
  Supporting Families Spanish A4

Promo video in English
English with Subtitles
Portuguese - Italian


From Philadelphia to Dublin


Archbishop Martin's Hopes for WMOF2018

Prayer Cards     Holy Family Prayer Card

Official WMOF2018 Prayer
English - Irish - French - 
Spanish -  Italian -
Catalan -  Chinese -
Czech - Croatian - 
Dutch - German -
Portuguese - Polish -
Slovak - Indian (Tamil) -
Indian (Malayam)

Pull Up Banners     Visit our Shop
Hanging Banners     Visit our Shop
  St. Patrick's Day Banner
Pins     Visit our Shop
Hymn   MP3 English
MP3 Instrumental

English Full Version
English Vocal Version
Guitar Chords

Assembly Edition


Lyrics in English – Spanish – French – Italian –

Portuguese – TagalogIrish - Chinese

  Video: WMOF2018 Hymn
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