The Role of Technology in the Family

The role of technology in the family

  • Pope Francis has a keen interest in technology, commenting regularly on social media. On the Pope joining Instagram, Mark Zuckerberg welcomed him, commenting: “No matter what faith you practice, we can all be inspired by Pope Francis’s humility and compassion. I’m looking forward to following the Pope -- and watching him continue sharing his message of mercy, equality and justice with the world” 
  • In paragraph 275 of Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis explained that "In our own day, dominated by stress and rapid technological advances, one of the most important tasks of families is to provide an education in hope".

We are living in an age of digital disturbance and one of the major themes we will be reflecting on at the World Meeting of Families will be the impact of technology on family life. Some of the workshops will include:

Wednesday 22nd August
Workshop 6:  Dignity and Safety in a Digital Age: facing a new challenge for families.

Thursday 23rd August
Workshop: What should we be saying to young people about sex, love and the social media? 

Friday 24th August
Major Panel 3:  Glued to our Phones: can technology become more family friendly?
Workshop 2: The family that prays together: finding time for prayer in a digital age.

Teen Fest programme: Families Living in a Digital Age.

Visit the Pastoral Congress Page for more information on these workshops and full programme.

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