Faith and Family

Faith & Family

  • “Love is experienced and nurtured in the daily life of couples and their children” (Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia 90).
  • “The family lives its spirituality precisely by being at one and the same time a domestic church and a vital cell for transforming the world” (Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia 324)

Families are a privileged place where faith can be lived, celebrated, learnt and passed on from generation to generation. Several of our workshops and activities will explore the joys and challenges of living faith within families today, as well as many topics that can be of support for families trying to live faith within their homes. Below is a selection of workshops that will discuss faith and family, among many others:

Wednesday 22nd August:
Main Arena: The Church as a family of families.
Workshop 1:  The Bible in the home: using the scriptures to pray as family 
Workshop 2:  Handing on the faith in the home today.
Workshop: Practical ideas for Faith, fun and the Family Meal.

Thursday 23rd August:
Workshop 3:  Handing on the faith between the Generations: the role of grandparents.
Workshop 4: Supporting newly married couples in the Parish.
Workshop 2:  Who is doing the dishes: Pope Francis on the little things that matter in family life.
Workshop 4:  Pope Francis on the vocation of fatherhood.

Friday 24th August:
Main Arena: The Family: Hope for the Church and for the world.
Workshop 1:  Pope Francis on the Gospel of the Family: What is Jesus calling our families to be?
Workshop 3:  Celebrating the Lord’s Day as Family.

Visit the Pastoral Congress Page for more information on these workshops and full programme.

Credit Photo: S.L. Pierce/World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015
Archdiocese of Philadelphia

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