Vestments for WMOF2018 Closing Mass revealed

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Press Release – Wednesday 15 August 2018

Vestments for WMOF2018 Closing Mass revealed

Pope Francis will wear green vestments inspired by Celtic imagery

Father Damian McNeice, Master of Ceremonies to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin and head of the Liturgy Committee for WMOF2018, today introduced some of the liturgical elements that will feature throughout the World Meeting of Families 2018 in Dublin.

The elements introduced included the various vestments that will be worn during Masses at the Pastoral Congress in the RDS and similar to those that will be worn by Pope Francis during the WMOF2018 Closing Mass at Phoenix Park; the chalices and ciboria to be used; the processional cross that will be used, and the penal cross that will be on the altar during the Papal Mass.

The vestments for WMOF2018 will be in three colours, relating to the ordinary days and feast days during the week of WMOF2018.

Commenting on the vestments, Father McNeice said, ‘Green has been chosen as the colour of vestments to be worn by Pope Francis during the Closing Mass of WMOF2018 in Phoenix Park which is the colour associated in the liturgy with Ordinary Time. The green is a symbol of how God is ever-faithful, and it also quite appropriate for a celebration in Ireland.

‘At the centre of each vestment is the Trinity spiral, the same as can be seen in the WMOF2018 logo. The three parts of the spiral represent the mystery of the Holy Trinity, and also draws from Celtic imagery, as spirals can be found on many ancient stones and monuments of Ireland’s past. The colours used in the spiral are the same green, red and gold as the vestments.

‘Alongside the central spiral are lines which lift and spread out along the side of the vestments. These lines are inspired by the line in the liturgy ‘Lift up your hearts’ inviting us to participate in the celebration of Mass. When expanded the lines represent a cross, with the Trinity spiral as the head of the cross.’

The vestments were produced by Haftina, a family business based in Poland, which specialises in liturgical vestments, chalice gowns, altar tablecloths and canopies. The vestment designs were created by Haftina in collaboration with the WMOF2018 Liturgical Committee.

Speaking at the introduction, Father Damian McNeice said that he hoped the new vestments would be a gift to the Irish Church and could be used in major celebrations for years to come. He noted that many of the vestments produced for the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1979 are still used today, particularly at ordination ceremonies.

Father McNeice also introduced the penal cross which will be present on the Altar while Pope Francis celebrates Mass in the Phoenix Park. The cross, which is carved into a single piece of wood, dates back to 1763 and has been cared for at a Carmelite Community in the Archdiocese of Dublin. The carvings on the front and back of the cross are designed to tell the story of the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The penal cross served as the inspiration for the processional cross which was newly created by Anne Murphy of Eala Enamels, based in Co Carlow in the Diocese of Kildare and Leighlin.

To aid in the distribution of Holy Communion during celebrations of Mass both at the Pastoral Congress in the RDS and at the Phoenix Park, 4,000 ciboria and 200 chalices have been produced by MMI who are based in the Bluebell industrial estate in Dublin. The ciboria and chalices are pewter and silver, adorned with a Celtic cross containing the Trinity spiral of WMOF2018.

Notes to editors:

  • Vestments of different colours will be used on the Feast days during the WMOF2018.
  • Seventy of the green vestments have been newly made for WMOF, and these will be worn by concelebrants on the main sanctuary in Phoenix Park. Twelve of both the gold and red vestments have also been produced.
  • Thousands of similar green chasubles have also been produced for other concelebrants to wear. More than 300 matching mitres have also been produced for visiting bishops who will serve as principle concelebrants during WMOF2018.
  • The WMOF2018 Closing Mass will take place in Phoenix Park on Sunday 26th August.

For media contact: Brenda Drumm, Media & Communications Manager WMOF2018 on 00 353 (0) 87 310 4444.





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