Volunteering as a Group

We are no longer taking volunteer applications. We are now in Operational Phase of the project. Volunteers and staff are already working on the various sites of the World Meeting of Families.

  • If you have completed your Volunteer application and have received your Garda clearance, we will be emailing your schedule for work, how to get there and details for picking up your uniform in the next few days. 
  • If you have been asked to attend training please come along for any of the dates offered in your email.
  • For information about transport to Phoenix Park please see our page here
  • For information about transport to Knock please see here
  • For urgent queries please contact WMOF2018 on 01 567 6800 and select the volunteer department. 

Volunteering as a Group

At World Meeting of Families 2018 you can volunteer as an individual or as part of a group. We welcome applications for volunteering from anyone of 18 years and over. 

The good news is that young people aged 16-17 years can also volunteer if they do so as part of a group, with one adult leader per group and a ratio of at least one responsible adult to every 10 under-18s within the group.

Any group is welcome to apply to volunteer: choirs, sports organisations, walking groups, arts and crafts clubs, parish groups, youth organisations, music societies, college groups. There will be roles for all no matter what focus your group has, everyone is welcome! 

Benefits of volunteering as a group

  • Working Together - where possible, members will be allocated the same roles and work rotas, so the group will be working together on the same tasks. 
  • Friendships - working and spending time together can help build new friendships as well as strengthening existing bonds between members. 
  • Travel - on a practical level, the group may be able to organise group transport to and from the venues, ensuring you enjoy the journey there and back!
  • Legacy – working together at this significant event can have lasting benefits to all in the group. Working together is more fun and you might want to do something together again.
  • New Learnings - people may learn new skills that they can bring back locally, developing and strengthening the group’s skill set in the longer term.
  • Opportunity for Youth Participation – volunteering as part of a group is a great way for those aged 16-17 years to get involved in WMOF2018 and volunteering!
  • Most of all, it’s going to be more FUN!

Roles for Volunteer Groups

We have a variety of roles to fill: supporting the running of specific areas, ushering, stewarding, welcoming and information teams, media support, logistics and programming support, among many others. Click here to read more about general volunteer roles.

Criteria to apply as a group

Firstly, volunteer groups must establish a group name and identify a leader. During the application process, each person is asked if they are part of a group. To identify themselves as such, all members of the group will need to include the same group name and group leader, so it is important that you decide what these names are before applying.

Standard critera for all volunteers 

  • Be a resident of the island of Ireland at the time of application.
  • Be sensitive and respectful of our Catholic ethos.
  • Be fluent in English – all training and management instructions will be in English.
  • Must apply for Garda vetting as part of the application process.
  • Be available to volunteer for a minimum of two (2) to four (4) consecutive days between 18th and 29th August 2018 or for one (1) day on the 26th August 2018. If these dates do not match your group availability, we also have opportunities to volunteer pre and post WMOF2018.
  • Be available for three (3) mandatory training sessions. The training sessions will be on Saturdays or evenings and will last 3 - 5 hours. They will cover Induction, Job and Venue Specific Training. Advance notice will be given of dates.
  • Provide the names and contact details (i.e. email, telephone number) for two (2) referees in a position to give a character reference. These referees could be a friend, employer, Parish Priest, landlord etc.
  • Provide the name and contact details (i.e. address, email, telephone number) for a Next of Kin in the event of any emergency arising while volunteering.

Steps to apply to volunteer as a group

  1. The first step is for the group itself to agree the group name and the group leader and ensure that all members of the group are familiar with these names, as they will be asked for them during the application procedure.
  2. Each member of the group will need to complete their details individually on our online volunteering application form.  They will be prompted for their group name and the name of their group leader during this process. Each individual must also supply the names and contact details of two referees as part of their application. 
  3. Garda vetting: Once the applications are submitted, WMOF2018 will contact the group leader, asking him/her to invite group members under 18 years to start the Garda Vetting process. Each group member must complete Garda vetting individually. This is an online process.
  4. Training: All members must attend Training (Induction, Job Specific and Venue Specific Training). Training can be done individually or as a group. 
  5. WMOF2018 contacts all volunteers via email, with the exception of those volunteers under 18 years of age, where contact is only made via the group leader. 
  6. Receive your Final Instructions and commence your work.

FAQs about Volunteering as a Group

Below are some questions relating specifically to volunteering as a group. A more comprehensive list of questions on volunteering can be found here.

Does a group leader need to be assigned?
Yes, a leader, as well as a group name must be identified and named by the group prior to application. Each member of the group will be asked for their group name and the name of their group leader during the application process.

Does the Group Leader apply for the whole group?
No, the group leader does not complete registration for the entire group. Each group member should register individually. 

How do I register as a group?
Each member of the group will need to apply individually. The registration form is the same if you are applying as an individual or as part of a group. The only difference is that you enter your group name and the name of the group leader. 

Who can be a group leader?
A responsible adult (over 18 years) who is capable of delivering the necessary responsibilities of a group leader. See question below.

What are the responsibilities of the group leader?

  • Point of contact – the group leader will be the liaison between the group and WMOF2018, passing on communications to the group members. For example, WMOF2018 may correspond directly with the group leader in relation to the Garda vetting process and training for the group members. 
  • Managing and Coordinating: They will ensure that the members arrive together for their shifts, sign in and out, understand what they need to do, and help with any problems that may arise within the group.
  • Looking after their group - the group leader has responsibility for their own group members while they work on their assigned tasks. The leaders will keep the group together, make sure no one is left behind, motivate and encourage the group.
  • Responsibility for under 18s: If there are minors within the group, the group leader must take responsibility for them, while ensuring that there is a ratio of at least one responsible adult to every 10 minors within the group and that they are supervised at all times. 

Is there a minimum/maximum group size?
No, there are no restrictions on group size. Any group, large or small, is welcome to apply.
However, the group leader must ensure that there is a ratio of at least one responsible adult to every 10 minors if there are young people aged between 16 and 18 within the group.

How does the Garda Vetting procedure work for group applications?
Each applicant for volunteering must go through the Garda vetting process individually. WMOF2018 invites each applicant to begin the process at the time of sign up. Team leaders may be made aware that their group members need to be reminded to complete the Garda vetting. For applicants under 18 years, parents/guardians must complete the form with the applicant. Full details on the Garda Vetting process are on the Volunteer FAQ page.

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