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Photo Credit: Patrick Dunne

The Exhibition Hall in the RDS has something for everyone.  Exhibitors have come from all over the world to display the many different aspects of what the Catholic family ‘gets up to in their spare time’.  From the great work provided by missionaries at home and abroad, to third-level colleges and institutes of education, faith-based lay organisations, pilgrimages, charities, aid organisations, community and voluntary groups, retreat and conference centres - there is certainly something for everyone.

For Alison and Rory, selling WMOF2018 merchandise, it meant ‘hoping the people who leave the event, bring with them a token of love back to wherever they are returning to.’  Check out their stall and The Cube of Love on offer, along with other WMOF2018 materials.

Co-ordinators of The Irish Catholic exhibit hope visitors ‘can learn and take something new from the world’s oldest Catholic newspaper.’

Photo Credit: Patrick Dunne

Fr. Eamon Kelly and his sister Celine, joined by their colleagues Elaine (Israel) and Richard (USA) from the Pontifical Institute Notre Dame of Jerusalem Centre (above), were on hand to talk about their work in Jerusalem. Fr. Kelly spoke on how ‘salvation begins in the family. This we see in the bible, firstly with Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel and again with Jesus Christ and the Holy Family. The disciples themselves becoming family as they became fishers of men’. 

These are just a small sample of what is on offer.  From beautiful products for your home to information needed on raising a family in the Christian faith and how to live out your own faith, the RDS has something for everyone this week.  As Don from the Alpha team said, ‘come or you’ll be really missing out on something’.

Photo Credit: Patrick Dunne

Patrick Dunne
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22 August 2018

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