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Photo credit: Patrick Dunne

Tuesday’s sky was a good reflection of all that was happening in Dublin’s RDS for WMOF2018. The spots of cloud corresponded to the slight anxiety felt by some of the exhibitors, volunteers, events staff and media teams as they put the finishing touches together in time for the grand opening later that evening.  Fortunately, the warm Autumn sun made an appearance too, matching the excitement and good humour in which everyone was working.  

This morning started off when I met two young Dubs who wanted to be a part of the final preparations and decided to volunteer at the last minute.  Even though some staff and volunteers have been working on the event for up to three years, everyone’s contribution will enable this occasion to run smoothly and rest in their hearts for a long time to come.

Wi-fi was connected, everyone given their tasks - it was time to begin work! Thousands of empty seats greet me as I entered the family arena. The last time I was hear was to listen to The Boss (aka Bruce Springsteen)!  I am sure what will be shared from the stage over the next few days will be sacred too.

Photo credit: Patrick Dunne

In the children’s area we have the ‘Kisi Kids’ from Austria taking good care of our sound needs, while Clare and her team work on the finishing touches to the space.  There is fun to be had by all age groups.  Generous spirits abound – I receive a free muffin from catering staff and enjoy the smiling faces as I walk around and greet people.  As I made my way through the exhibition area, people busy setting up their displays still had time to smile and say hello.  

When I jokingly asked Sr Nina and Sr Anna of Sr Elisabeth Convent Minsk, ‘would there be competition between the different orders of nuns here at the WMOF2018?’  Sr. Nina quickly replied ‘Oh no, we are all one family.’  

Patrick Dunne
Volunteer Blogger

23 August 2018

Photo credit: Patrick Dunne


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