Brazilian Group Prepares to Volunteer for WMOF2018

Posted On August, 20 - 2018 Brazilian Group Prepares to Volunteer for WMOF2018  Image
Photo Credit: Renata Agostini

At 4pm on Sunday 19th August, a special Mass was held at St Mary of the Angels, Church Street, Dublin 7. Dozens of young Brazilian students attended the Mass to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the restoration of the image of Our Lady Aparecida (patron of Brazil). Over 7,000 miles away from home they dedicated some time to pray together. They call the community Católicos em Dublin (Catholics in Dublin).

A special blessing for those volunteering at WMOF2018 was given at the end of Mass. At least 40 Brazilians from the community signed up to volunteer at the event. One of them is 31-year-old Wedja de Menezes Santos. She is very excited about the work she will do during WMOF2018 and says that being at the service of the Church teaches her to live out her love for her brothers and sisters and for the Church itself.

Wedja also volunteered at World Youth Day 2013 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. “I hope WMOF2018 will be as special as WYD2013, bringing hope and faith to the heart of families who need God’s grace.”

Before the Mass I chatted with 20-year old Vinícius Pereira, who only arrived in Dublin a week ago. He is looking forward to the challenge of participating in WMOF2018 through English. Getting close to Pope Francis would be a dream come true for him but what really calls him to the event is serving the Church.

(Below: Statue of Our Lady Aparecida)
Photo Credit: Renata Agostini

Irish Bishop serving in Brazil

Mass was celebrated by Bishop Derek Byrne. Born in Dublin and a member of the St Patrick’s Missionary Society (Kiltegan Fathers), he was first sent on mission to Brazil in 1973, returning again in 2004 following some years in the USA. Currently he is Bishop of Primavera do Leste, State of Mato Grosso. He said, “What struck me most about Brazilian people was their devotion to Mary.” 

Bishop Derek visited the same community four years ago. He noted how much the group has grown, which he sees as a proof of the power of a whole group praying together.

Católicos em Dublin community

Every Sunday at 4pm Católicos em Dublin community celebrate Mass in Portuguese at the church of the Capuchin Friary who kindly share their Church with the community. There is also Rosary on Tuesdays, Adoration on Thursdays, and a youth group meeting twice per month - all in Portuguese, of course. The community strengthens the friendships of Brazilians living in Dublin and welcomes those who have just arrived in the city. The group are not limited to indoors activities. They frequently promote social action on the streets of Dublin, helping other groups in other churches and being the Church itself wherever they go. 


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