The icon of the Holy Family was specially commissioned by WMOF2018, written by iconographer Mihai Cucu, and assisted by the Redemptoristine Sisters of the Monastery of St Alphonsus, Iona Road, Dublin, as part of their ongoing prayer for families. The icon was unveiled and anointed on the 21st August 2017, during the launch of the one-year programme of preparation at the National Novena in Knock, Ireland. Icon of the Holy Family World Meeting of Families 2018This icon takes the form of a triptych which looks, from the outside, somewhat like a house with front doors. On these outside doors, we are presented with the Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who carry with them the desire of God to protect. Their heads are bowed in adoration and service of God, the Holy One. On the base is the inscription “Amoris Laetitia”, ‘The Joy of Love’, the title of Pope Francis’ post-Synodal exhortation on love in the family, the source of our reflections during the World Meeting of Families 2018.  
Closed - Icon of the Holy Family World Meeting of Families 2018When the doors of this icon are opened we see in the centre the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph seated at table, sharing a meal and sharing their faith. Their faith was celebrated in their home. It is in our home that the reality of God-with-us is communicated and passed on to future generations. Their gathering around the table is reminiscent of the Three Angels in the famous 15th century Icon of the Holy Trinity by Andrei Rublev. Christian Marriage is sometimes compared with the Holy Trinity, as a communion of the giving and receiving of love that is life-giving. Indeed, the family is called to be the “living icon” of the Most Holy Trinity. 
Detail of Icon of the Holy Family World Meeting of Families 2018Similarly to the icon above, the Holy Family have a place at their table for us. They invite us to join them. They are no strangers to the trials of family life. They themselves have been refugees, fleeing the violence of Herod. They have known great anxiety. Hence the radishes and bitter herbs of the Passover meal represent the sorrows and trials of the people of Israel in their slavery also represent for us the trials and sacrifices of patience and love experienced in every family. The presence of the unleavened bread and cup of wine on their table call to mind the Eucharist for us.
Flanking the Holy Family icon are those two Gospel narratives: the Raising of Jairus’ Daughter and the Wedding Feast of Cana. Passages in the Gospels in which we see Jesus’ deep compassion and concern for marriage and for those living with the burdens of family life.
An icon is not like a photograph, nor is it a portrait. It is an image which invites us to prayer. It is our hope that it will invite people to prayer while we prepare our hearts for World Meeting of Families 2018. 

WMOF2018 Icon Resources

Visit our resource section to access explanations, reflections and resources on the icon.

The Journey of the Icon around Ireland

The Icon has now started to travel to each diocese in Ireland to encourage reflection and prayer as part of the journey of preparations to WMOF2018. The icon is accompanied by petition boxes, where families can write their intentions and prayer. Contemplative communities around Ireland will pray for the intentions collected during the coming year. The petitions will also be brought to World Meeting of Families 2018.  Download the petition paper template here.

See below some of the movement of the WMOF2018 Icon on its journey around Ireland. This information is subject to change.

Month                           Diocese  

August 2017                Tuam  
September 2017        Cashel and Emly 
September 2017        Derry
September 2017        Kilmore 
September 2017        Down and Connor 
October 2017              Derry
October 2017              Armagh 
October 2017              Galway & Kilmacduagh
October 2017              Dublin 
October 2017              Cloyne 
November 2017          Killala 
December 2017          Achonry 
December 2017          Limerick 
December 2017          Dublin     
January 2018              Waterford and Lismore 
January 2018              Dublin 
January 2018              Tuam
January 2018              Ferns 
February 2018            Dublin  
February 2018            Dromore 
February 2018            Cork and Ross 
March 2018                  Derry 
March 2018                  Dublin
March 2018                  Ardagh and Clonmacniose 
April 2018                     Kerry 
April 2018                     Clogher 
April 2018                     Kildare and Leighlin 
May 2018                      Ardagh and Clonmacniose 
May 2018                      Clonfert 
May 2018                      Elphin 
June 2018                    Raphoe 
June 2018                    Ossory 
June 2018                    Down and Connor 
June 2018                    Meath
July 2018                      Killaloe
July 2018                      Dublin 
August 2018                WMOF2018/Dublin 

View details of where the Icon will be journeying during the following weeks in our Preparatory Events Section.

Credit Photos: World Meeting of Families 2018


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