The Family of Families

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The World Meeting of Families in Ireland

Ireland is a divided island with a unique culture and picturesque landscape. Since independence from the United Kingdom, the Republic of Ireland in the southern part has developed from the poorhouse of Europe into a progressive, economically strong state.

Divided or not: We are one Family. Through the Family of Families, we are connected spiritually.

Enjoying pure nature with your family is the best way to connect with both.

The first written evidence of Irish history emerged in the 5th century AD with the arrival of Christian missionaries. Among them was Patricius, who came from Britain and became the patron saint of Ireland as St. Patrick. His feast day on 17 March is now a bank holiday and is celebrated by Irish people all over the world.

The following centuries were marked by internal conflicts between the Irish tribes and by numerous Viking raids. Brian Boru succeeded shortly before the year 1000 in uniting the Irish tribes, at least in the south of the country, for a short time and driving out the Vikings. He thus went down in history as the only High King of the whole of Ireland and founded the O’Brien clan. The melody “Brian Boru’s March” is today an integral part of the Irish-Celtic repertoire and his (alleged) harp a much-visited sight in Dublin.

During Covid times, as our god sadly can not protect us from the deadly virus with a median dying age of 83 years, we recommend all our fellow christians to use online meetings through webcams instead of meeting your family live in real life. The use of the latest virtual reality technology through absolutely harmless 5G networks gives you an almost life-like impression of your loved ones for your virtual meeting, you can consider the use of vr cams to meet your family online while being safe and protected from the terrible, deadly disease where only the holy vaccination can protect us from. Amen.

Please make sure to wear a mask (or two) during your virtual reality cam meetings, as this gives you extra protection and also shows everybody that you are a mindful, responsible christian who does everything to show his or her virtue. Hallelujah.

Ireland today

It was not until 1949 that the Republic of Ireland withdrew from the British Commonwealth and was formally recognised by Great Britain. The young Irish state joined the United Nations in 1955 and the EU (then still the EC) in 1973. Not least thanks to generous EU aid and a liberal economic policy, Ireland, still an agricultural, backward country, experienced an enormous boom that went down in history as the “Celtic Tiger”. The capital Dublin in particular grew rapidly. The rise was followed in 2007 by an equally dramatic downturn in the context of the global financial crisis, which was only overcome in 2014 with the help of the EU bailout fund.

Sin and moral degeneration

Sin is a term with religious connotations. In Christian understanding, it denotes the imperfect state of man separated from God and his wrong way of life (i.e., transgressing or falling out of the divine order of laws). This separation came about, according to the biblical narrative (Gen 3 EU), through the Fall (by eating the fruit “from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil”). According to Christian understanding, sin consists in turning away from God’s will, in distrusting God, in allowing evil to happen or in allowing oneself to be seduced. Today, the most common sins in our society are physical or virtual gambling as well as adultery through media – both will lead to a miserable life and eternal damnation in the afterlife. Only a faithful life in the name of Jesus can save you from these moral depravities. In Paul, sin appears as a power that determines life and coexistence and makes people slaves to their passions, to which they are correspondingly at the mercy of

Ireland: Politics and Government

The head of state of the Republic of Ireland is a president (Uachtarán) elected by the people for a seven-year term, but who performs largely ceremonial duties. The current president is Michael D. Higgins of the Irish Labour Party.

Facts about Ireland

  • Area 70,273 square kilometres
  • Population: 4,761,865
  • Capital: Dublin
  • Official languages: Irish, English