Volunteer Application Process

Apply to Volunteer (2)
Before applying to volunteer please read carefully:

Volunteer Application Process Steps

Step 1 – Complete WMOF2018 Volunteer Online Application
Step 2 – Visit our offices to begin the process and complete your Garda Vetting when you are emailed and requested to do so.
Step 3 – Complete Garda Vetting Email and await Garda Vetting Response
Step 4 – WMOF2018 will check your referees x2 (Supplied during online application phase)
Step 5 – WMOF2018 will email you regarding your ‘Volunteer status’

What happens next?
Step 6 – Induction Training
Step 7 – Job Specific Training
Step 8 – Venue Specific Training
Step 9 – Final Instructions/Uniform/IDs etc.
Step 10 – Commencement of work at WMOF2018 site

Garda vettingThe Garda Vetting Process
All volunteers will need to be Garda Vetted as part of their application process, in accordance with WMOF2018 Child protection and Safe Guarding polices.

After you have completed your online volunteer application form, instructions regarding the Garda Vetting procedure will be sent to you. This will explain the next steps and will involve coming to our offices in Dublin to start the Garda Vetting process in person. An online Garda Vetting form (eVetting) will then need to be completed. We plan to have more locations available to process your Garda Vetting over the coming months.

Garda vetting is now done online as it has a quicker turnaround time for WMOF2018 and volunteer applying. eVetting removes days from the system lost to postage and data entry. An applying volunteer will be able to trace the progress of their own application, removing the need for them to contact WMOF2018 with a query regarding their application status.

For further information please see https://vetting.garda.ie/Help/FAQ

What documents will the Garda Vetting require?
– photographic identification (i.e. A valid Passport or Drivers License)
– a recent utility bill or document that proves your address.
– a list of all the addresses where you have lived in since birth.