Some of the Things we like most about Ireland

Posted On November, 16 - 2017 Some of the Things we like most about Ireland Image

This is my blog about different aspects of working with the World Meeting of Families 2018. The WMOF2018 office team are looking forward to hosting a wonderful event in Dublin, Ireland next August and welcoming pilgrims and guests from all over the world to Ireland – many, possibly for their first visit. We want to show them Ireland at its best – and there are many brilliant things about our country that we should be proud of. With that in mind, I recently went around some of our departments with the same question for everyone – and I got a wide variety of answers!

“What are some of the things you like the most about Ireland?”

Fr Tim, the Secretary General of WMOF2018, said that his favourite things about Ireland are the wonderful wildlife and the great support we get from friends and family in our lives.

Our General Manager, Anne, said that Ireland is her home and the place she loves coming back to; it’s the best place to work in. She also mentioned the high quality of the food and produce we grow and the wide variety of restaurants we have, offering Irish and International cuisine. Ciara, who works with Anne, said that we are very lucky to have such a beautiful country, with stunning land and seascapes. She also commented that Irish people are very generous and warm.

Teresa in Marketing added that she loves the vibrancy and energy of Dublin city and also the friendliness of the Irish people. Her colleague Irene says that, even though she herself is from another country, Ireland feels like home. She says that it is a country that offers everyone opportunities, where individuality is encouraged. Carolanne also works in Marketing and spoke about the Irish sense of humour. She also mentioned how cosmopolitan Ireland has become, with many different nationalities living here today.

Richard, our Volunteer Project Manager, spoke about the strong work ethic in Ireland and the respect that is given to people who work hard. He also said that the Ireland that we live in today is a place of great diversity. 
Gerard, one of our volunteers, loves holidays in Ireland and says Wicklow is a beautiful county. He also mentioned the great friendliness of the Irish people.

Nicola in Finance mentioned the strong work ethic and said she valued the importance of friendship through working with a team.
Finally, myself: the two things that come to my mind are music and sports – both have a big place in Irish life. I also like catching up and spending time with friends. 

The list of things that people in the WMOF2018 office like about Ireland is quite long, although the friendliness of the Irish people was something that cropped up a lot!

  • Nature and wildlife
  • It feels like Home
  • Individuality is encouraged
  • Cosmopolitan society
  • The Irish sense of Humour
  • The support of friends and family
  • Quality food and great restaurants
  • Diverse society
  • The friendliness and generosity of spirit of Irish people
  • Irish traditional music and sport 
  • Hill walks and social life with friends 
  • Work ethic and team spirit
  • Great friendships
  • Sharing stories and memories with each other
  • Beautiful landscape and countryside
  • Going on holidays with family

Thank you to all the office staff for helping me with this list of great things about Ireland. Let’s hope that our overseas visitors for the World Meeting for Families 2018 will sample some of this great hospitality!

Michael Gannon junior